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The Paving Zone's Partial Listing Of Some Of Our Valued Clients, Partners & Industry Advocates
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Client References

The Paving Zone's Partial Listing Of Direct Clients & Partner References
Our Performance Gives Us Repeat Business From Satisfied Customers
The Paving Zone did an excellent job for our estate and I thought that they were very professional and reasonably priced. However, I was truly please when they performed a large job through a referral I made for them and my good friend came to me with how pleased their organization was with the work provided. I highly recommend this company.

O. Toni Randle, Client

Our procurement department put a large scale paving requirement out for bid. This organzation responded with prices and service offerings so competitive, that the decision to engage them was quite easy. Moreover, the work they provided was top-notch. They also completed the requirement on time and on budget. Great company.

Derrick Perry, Client

The Paving Zone provided great service for one of my clients who were very pleased to have had this referral. I have to say that the team was very professional, obviously skilled, and patient, as we had to go through our corporate process to engage them. They worked within our time and fiscal constraints and provided a job well done.

Lonnie Anderson, Client

Industry Certifications

The Paving Zone Has Multiple Certifications As A Diverse Organization
We Advocate Diversity In Both Principle & Practice