Premium Services

The Paving Zone Provides A Full Range Of Premium Asphalt Solutions
Our Mission Is To Provide The Best In Performance, Quality & Price

The Paving Zone Asphalt Specialist

The Paving Zone is a certified, minority owned & operated organization with industry specialists working full-time to provide premiere asphalt paving solutions. We utilize the best, environment friendly materials, as we focus on providing excellent performance & quality, at highly competitive prices.

Our firm has been in business for more than 10 years & we employ a combined 30 years of asphalt paving experience from the principal owners. We own our own equiptment, which allows us the agility to fulfill the requirements of our customers by providing full-scale, end-to-end asphalt service & maintenance.

Featured Services

The Paving Zone's Partial List Of Featured Asphalt Services & Maintenance
Our Asphalt Solutions Are Customized To Meet Client Requirements

Complete Escavation

Our Escavation services are comprehensive. From concept to completion, we can tear down any asphalt structure, remove all old materials and concrete, completely re-pave the required area with the material of choice. Our escavation services are best in class and highly rated. We can provide these services for job requirements of any size with the utilization of our industrial grade machinery and equiptment.

Premium Asphalt Paving

The Paving Zone offers full scale, precicsion (lazer measured) asphalt paving. We utilize the latest in environmental friendly materials. All paving services are customized to client specifications and performed at the highest level of professionalism utilizing licensed, certified, experienced professionals. Our committment to performance, quality and pricing places our value among the best in the industry.

Asphalt Seal Coating

Once new Asphalt is complete, each job should be Sealed & Coated to ensure the longevity of the completed work. This protects against weather damage and residual wear and tear, allowing the client to maximize their investment. The Paving Zone utilizes the latest in green materials that are proven to effectively seal all asphalt jobs with a strenthening and bonding agent that allows for a strong, healthy,looking, long lasting finish.

Professional Maintenance

The Paving Zone provides full service Maintenance on all asphalt and paving constructs, from crack repair, to re-striping to grinding, milling, re-surfacing, asphalt overlays, fabric overlays, and patching. Because we own our equuiptment, we have the agility to respond to requests for service more effectively & efficiently than many of our competitiors. This is passed on to our valued clients in the form of best in class pricing.